Beaulieu River

Beaulieu River Lighthouse
Beaulieu River
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Brian Turner

The Beaulieu River Lighthouse, sometimes referred to as the Millenium Beacon was built in 2000 to celebrate the start of the new millenium.

The tower, designed by Brian Turner at a cost of £35,000, is 7.5 meter-high structure comprising of a cylindrical cone shaped masonry section with large windows, a Hexagonal lantern room with large flat glass windows surrounded by a protruding gallery, topped by a tented roof and ornate weather vane that incorporates the three red diamonds that appear on the coat of arms of Baron Montagu, the heraldic heir to the vast Beaulieu estate on which the lighthouse is built.

Inside the lantern room is an electronic Tideland ML 300 TF3b lamp that exhibits a Red, White or Green light depending on the angle it is viewed from, marking safe passage between the Beaulieu River and the Solent. This light occults once every 4 seconds.

The lighthouse is located in Lepe and it easily viewed from Lepe road and the beach below it, although the tower itself is located on private land. Nearby parking in the area is pay and display, although you can park at the side of the road in some places.