Corran Narrows North East

Corran Narrows North East Lighthouse
Corran Narrows North East
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Corran Narrows North East Lighthouse is a modern SPLAT (Solar Powered Lattice Aluminium Tower) structure, similar to many other modern Scottish lights.

Built in 2009 to compliment the 1860 Corran Point Lighthouse, the 4 meter tall single-storey tower is one of the newest lighthouses to be established in Scotland.

It is of a standard prefabricated design which is suited to a wide range of locations around the Scottish coast owing to its simplicity durability, and low maintenance requirement. The structure is essentially just an aluminium scaffold clad in white panels for the daymark. SPLAT Lighthouses do not suffer from corrosion, as many of the earlier automated light designs did.

The open platform on the top of the tower hosts the lights, including the main navigation light and an array of three light projectors that show to the West for vessels heading towards Fort William. The railing around the top has four solar panels which are the primary power source for the site. Inside the tower is a backup generator and cabinet of batteries.

The Lighthouse can be seen from the Corran Ferry slipway on the south side of the Loch Linhe, but getting closer can be tricky, as much of the embankment between the lighthouse and the A82 road is heavily overgrown and steep in places. It can also be viewed from the Ardgour side of the Corran Ferry, from near the more substantial Corran Point Lighthouse.