Corran Point

Corran Point Lighthouse
Corran Point
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Thomas and David Stevenson
Northern Lighthouse Board

Located on the northern shore at the western end of Loch Linnhe is Corran Point, where the busy route in and out of the Loch narrows to just over 250 meters across. To help shipping navigate this busy passage, the Northern Lighthouse Board constructed the lighthouse here in 1860. The light station was designed by brothers Thomas and David Stevenson, and it consists a masonry tower 13 meters in height, with detatched keepers houses. All of the buildings are painted white, with the watchroom painted gold and the lantern and dome roof painted black in the usual livery of traditional NLB lights. The tower stands seperate from keeper's houses, and a staircase from the upper floor down towards the lighthouse itself. All of the light's associated buildings are enclosed by a wall around the property, which the sea almost reaches at high tide.

Converted to automatic operation in 1898, this station was one of the earliest major lighthouses in the United Kingdom to be fully automated. The lantern is equiped with an electric light exhibiting a 4 second flash isophase pattern, with red and green shades to direct vessels in the narrows; the White light is visible for 10 nautical miles, whilst the Red and Green sectors are both visible for 7 nautical miles. An old optic from Corran Point lighthouse is on display in the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, in Fraserburgh.

In 2009 to assist with an increase in traffic on the loch the Northern Lighthouse Board established a small automatic SPLAT-type lighthouse on the south shore called Corran Narrows North East. This new light uses projectors to shine very precise sectors of White, Red and Green light, which compliments Corran Point lighthouse.

Corran Point lighthouse can be seen up close from the A861 which passes it, but also from across the water on the A82 route to Fort William. The short ferry crossing from Corran to Ardgour also grants very good views of the lighthouse.