Holm of Skaw

Holm of Skaw Lighthouse
Holm of Skaw
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Northern Lighthouse Board

A light first shone out to warn ships of the Scaw of Unst on Janurary 1st 1858, albeit from over 4 miles away, when Muckle Flugga lighthouse entered service. This light was a red sector light which covered an arc of 31 degrees.

The lighthouse on Holm of Skaw was built in 1993, but didn't enter service until July 6th of 1994. The tower is a 6 meter tall SPLAT lighthouse, established by the Northern Lighthouse Board and built to one of their standard designs. Located on a small islet north of Skaw, the UK's northernmost village, It is the second most northern lighthouse in the UK.

At some point in the late 2000s the original lamp was removed and was replaced by an LED light, with the light character remaining the same: one flash every 5 seconds. The original lamp is on loan to the Association of Lighthouse Keepers, and is displayed at their museum within Hurst Castle, Hampshire.

In June 2021 Lexan screens were fitted to the solar panels mounted on the tower to protect them from stones carried over the island by large waves.