Leverets Lighthouse
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Galway Harbour Company

Leverets lighthouse (also known as the Galway Harbour light) is one of Ireland's newer lighthouses, having been built in 1977.

The black and white striped tower is a cylindrical concrete structure and is presumably solid for most of it's height. Access appears to be via an external ladder up the tower's western side, which leads up to a balcony on which a door is located, just below the gallery. The light shows as white in two very narrow sectors, one towards the entrance of Galway Harbour, and another towards the south west, but mostly displays as red or green sectors. The lamp is housed inside a decagonal shaped lantern room built by AGA. The lantern room is topped by a conical metal roof and features glazing that tapers outwards towards the top.

Originally the light was likely powered by acetylene, which would have allowed it to operate semi-automatically for long periods unwatched; A sun valve was used to control the flow of gas and to turn the light's fuel supply off in daylight hours, and this remained on the lantern roof long after electrification had taken place. Nowadays solar panels mounted on the gallery rail power the light.

When this lighthouse became active in 1977 it became the main navigational light for Galway Harbour, resulting in the old lighthouse on Mutton Island being deactivated and abandoned.