Loofa Baa

Loofa Baa Lighthouse
Loofa Baa
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The Loofa Baa light is a south cardinal marker in the center of Lerwick Harbour, built in 1913 and situated about midway across the channel between Lerwick and Bressay.

Whether this structure can truly be considered a lighthouse is debatable, although it does have an internal space in the top half, accessed by a ladder and door on one of the sides; this is likely an entrance to a small space for an acetylene tank to power the original light source.

Nowadays the light is a solar-powered LED unit similar to those found on buoys. The structure is topped by a short mast with two downward pointing cones, which indicate a hazard to the north.

This light can be viewed from various points around Lerwick Harbour, or from ferries between Lerwick and the Mainland.