Mevagissey Lighthouse
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Mevagissey Harbour Trust

A quay in simple form had existed in Mevagissey as early as 1430, but more substantial East and West quays were constructed following an Act of Parliament passed in 1774. In 1886 construction started on two new outer walls, which were completed within two years, but were mostly destroyed by storms in 1891. New stronger walls were completed in 1897, consisting of the North Pier and the Victoria Pier, complete with a lighthouse, installed in 1896.

The 9 meter tall lighthouse on the Victoria Pier is a prefabricated cast iron tower, of a type that can also be found in St Ives on Cornwall's north coast, and in Peel Harbour on the Isle of Man.

The octagonal tower is painted white with a black base, and tapers inwards towards the gallery level. There is an access door at the base of the tower, and the lantern is presumably reached via a ladder on the inside. Two porthole windows, one at a low level, and one near the top of the tapered section allow light inside. The lantern has a small hatch that gives access to the gallery, which is supported by triangular brackets. The lighthouse is topped by a domed roof and a vent, complete with a weathervane.

Mevagissey Harbour Trust oversee the maintainence of the harbour and it's lighthouse. The Victoria Pier is open to the public.