North Bank

North Bank Lighthouse
North Bank
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Dublin Port Company

Dublin's North Bank Lighthouse is one of several that can be seen near the mouth of the River Liffey and the entance to the port.

Built in 1882 and originally painted red with white bands, the lighthouse stands atop a concrete platform that is supported by piles, and is located to the north of the channel that enters the Port of Dublin. The lighthouse consists of a square concrete tower with a gallery, topped by an off-centre square lantern room that shows a green light in all directions but to the North, visible to all traffic travelling in and out of the port.

Suspended from in front of the lantern on the tower's South-face is a large fog bell, however this is no longer in use. At the rear of the lantern (on the blanked-out North-facing side) there is a small room with a door that gives access to the gallery, and at the base of the tower there is a single lifeboat divot.

The lighthouse is sometimes referred by locals as the tea caddy light owing to it's short stature and square shape.