Southerness Lighthouse
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Lighthouse Leisure Caravan Park

Southerness Lighthouse was commissioned by Dumfries town council in 1748 to guide ships through the Solway Firth. At this time roads in the region were few and far between, and local communities relied heavilly on the sea for transport and trade.

Built in 1749, Southerness Lighthouse is the second oldest Lighthouse in Scotland. The square tower is 17 meter tall, although some of this height can be attributed to a number of rebuilds and additions throughout it's operational life. In 1805 the tower was improved by Robert Stevenson of Scotland's renowned Lighthouse building family, with assistance from James Slight. Between 1842 and 1844 the height of the tower was increased by Walter Newall, who had also built a number of other buildings in Dumfries including the observatory.

1894 saw the lighthouse restored at the expense of Georgiana Blackett of Arbigland.

The light was taken out of service in 1936 and it is now a category A listed building, located at Lighthouse Leisure Caravan Park.