Lightship 87

Lightship 87 Lightship
Lightship 87

Launched on 23rd December 1931 and delivered by A&J Inglis shipbuilders of Glasgow to Trinity House on April 13 1932, Lightship 87 was the first Trinity House lightship to use a lattice tower to support the lantern, instead of a central column or mast.

Throughout her history she mostly served at East Goodwin, Mid-Barrow and Cromer, but also served temporarily at Outer Dowsing in 1947 after Lightship 82 suffered a damaged compressor.

Upon decommissioning in January 1973 her lantern was removed by Trinity House to be used on the Inner Dowsing light platform which was located southeast of the entrance to the River Humber. Shortly after, the Haven Ports Yacht Club at Levington Marina were able to purchase the lightship for use as a clubhouse, and were lucky enough to source a spare lantern of a much older type from Lightship 88 which went on to serve as Norwich's TS Lord Nelson until 2007.

Upon decommissioning of the Inner Dousing light platform in 1991, the structure was taken ashore for scrapping - at least one image exists of the lantern removed from the platform, in good condition, albeit lying on it's side, although it is now presumed scrapped.

It is possible to get quite close to the lightship, as it is located next to the marina's car park.